Jaichittra Inc., Epoxy flooring in Chennai

When modern flooring options are bought in mind, epoxy flooring is extremely popular mainly because of all its long lasting and anti- corrosive properties. This is because it can do a complete and accurate makeover of the building at a very reasonable cost. Epoxy flooring in Chennai is the best flooring that one can get. It is also ideal for almost all types of business as well as domestic scenarios like apartments and flats, bungalows and row houses, malls and shopping complexes, offices and hospitals. A floor hardener in Chennai is the best thing that one can get.It is hence highly possible to get them installed by calling the reliable service providers who can offer very good quality epoxy flooring in Chennai.


A wide range of flooring

One unique characteristic of Jaichittra Inc is that it can offer a very wide range of epoxy floors for almost all the segments. It is also one of the most leading suppliers of floor hardeners as well as epoxy flooring. Try floor hardener in Chennai for better use of epoxy flooring. The company has in recent times earned a great amount of respect as well as recognition. It also did not take a long time for it to do so. Supreme customer care and wonderful product quality have enabled it to do so. This is why you require epoxy flooring in Chennai. You can also choose a floor hardener in Chennai.

Concrete flooring has always been so successful because it can be used in a garage, industrial unite, warehouses and basements. It is long- lasting, sturdy and heat resistant. It is also inexpensive. Concrete floors are also absorbent in the long run and they can accumulate a certain amount of dust which can be eradicated very easily. Epoxy flooring in Chennai is what you need in the long run.

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Polycarbonate sheet in Coimbatore for your roofing needs

All commercial buildings, modern houses, and industrial construction houses use sturdy options and lightweight options of heavy material for the purpose of the building. This technology can bring a plethora of various choices that are tough, attractive and yet they are cost- effective. For architects, roofing and construction engineers, the preferable option is obviously the great and well-made polycarbonate sheets. This is mainly because they are highly ideal for the climatic conditions and they later offer much longer lasting services. A polycarbonate sheet in Coimbatore is an internationally acclaimed sheet. The sheet is made from very tough yet incredibly flexible Polycarbonate and this can sustain all types of conditions. This is not only suitable for household usage but it can also be used for commercial purposes. Designers and architects also use colorful sheets for decorative and aesthetic usage.


Jaichittra Inc is all you need

Jaichittra has successfully been given the title of the most successful and leading supplier of Polycarbonate sheet in Coimbatore. This is because as a supplier it supplies very good quality sheets at reasonable prices. It is also a pioneer dealer and it guarantees high-class service as well as best material. It also supplies only a superior quality of the material of the well-known and renowned brands. Their main assurance to their clients is reasonable pricing.

Quality of polycarbonate sheets

A polycarbonate sheet in Coimbatore possesses the following qualities:-

  • The sheets are highly ideal for the purpose of roofing and this is because of the excellent resistance to impact and easy installation.
  • The transparent sheets can also bring in excellent daylight solutions for all those areas which have a low level of brightness. This is due to transparency and higher clarity.
  • They also possess a low level of combustibility. Hence, they are ideal for hotels, commercial buildings, offices and malls.
  • The polycarbonate sheets can sustain a temperature that ranges up to 100 degrees Celsius. Thus, they have been deemed as the best for outdoor usage.

An unlimited number of usage

A polycarbonate sheet in Coimbatore can give you an unlimited number of usages. These are produced with an intention of being multi- purpose and not only for the purpose of roofing. They are highly ideal for parking areas, greenhouses, pathways, shades, partitions, canopies, cladding, swimming pool covers and a very wide variety of applications. As these sheets are available in many beautiful colors and designs, the designers can also think of many ideas for the interior, landscaping, and exterior decoration purposes. These are sheets of supreme quality supplied by Jaichittra Inc and without a doubt, you should prefer these sheets over any other polycarbonate sheets in India.

I had total makeover of my house using Shera Planks

I was totally frustrated with the condition of my house. Water seepage, termites and wear and tear required a total makeover.  I had a detailed discussion with my architect to explore several options for flooring, roofing, and cladding.

To my surprise, he suggested Shera wood planks, the new-age material instead of the conventional stuff. I was a little bit skeptical about it earlier.  Frankly speaking, I wasn’t quite sure about choosing Shera Plank for my house. We had long discussions and debates. When I read the product specifications, my perception changed completely. It came out to be the best multipurpose solution for all types of roofing and other needs. Polycarbonatesheetsindia is the supplier of a wide range of planks for household and domestic needs.  The planks stand up excellently to wear and tear. They are sturdy, long-lasting and economical.

jaichitra shere plank

What is Shera Wood Planks?

It is made from natural fibers and ultra-high grade silicate that makes it incredibly robust and workable. It is zero-asbestos material. Hence, these planks are totally safe for all types of applications. It is an ideal material for outdoor use because of high weather resistance and sustainability. It is considered the best material in areas where heavy rains strike due to high water immunity.

In fact, Shera Plank is one of the easiest materials to install, and those who love DIY type of things can do it without any expert help. It is nothing but fiber cement sliding. With incredible water and termite resistant qualities, they offer an everlasting performance and need very little maintenance cost. Due to a wide spectrum of textures and sizes, you can pick up one that is appealing to you. I was quite impressed after knowing so many good things about Shera wood planks. Indeed, it is the best solution for my house.  Polycarbonatesheetsindia offers hundreds of patterns, colors and textures to select from.  Since there is a great nuisance of moisture and termite in my house, the architect suggested primed planks with acrylic paint.

My experience with Shera Wood Planks

It has been quite some time now, and I don’t have any hesitation to say that it is the best substitute for the real wood among competitive products in the contemporary price range. With the unmatched beauty and style, it is a fantastic solution for ceiling, roofing, siding or flooring solutions.  I can say that it is one of the finest building materials I have ever seen.

Why don’t try polycarbonate roofing to give outdoor roofing great looks?

Outdoor roofing needs to be changed after some years because it is exposed to the environmental factors up to the largest extent. Change in the weather, temperature variation, and harmful UV rays affect the quality of it. You feel the need of replacing it with something extraordinary. Technical advancement brings attractive polycarbonate roofing Chennai. It is a great way of giving a complete makeover to your house. There are quality suppliers like Polycarbonatesheetsindia that offer a plethora of options in affordable costs. Nowadays, contractors, builders, and architects prefer polycarbonate sheets for better safety and style.

polycarbonate roofing

If you want to cover the porch or want to give your swimming pool a cool look, then there is nothing more appropriate than polycarbonate roofs. Nowadays, polycarbonate roofing Chennai becomes popular in malls, sports complexes and outdoor and indoor stadiums. Due to incredible beauty and easiness of installation, they offer a great value for money. If you want to explore mind-boggling designs, colors and patterns of this new-age roofing material, then contact well-established companies like Polycarbonatesheetsindia. Go through the catalog with innumerable designs and an unbelievable range of products.  It also offers specialized guidance and consultancy based on your needs. Protect your backyard, garage, outdoor tennis court or garden with stylish roofing.

Experts say that polycarbonate roofing Chennai becomes popular because they can sustain in the extreme weather conditions. Polycarbonate sheets remain unaffected by extensive heat, heavy rainfall and bombarding of UV rays. They are durable, sturdy and charming.   Polycarbonatesheetsindia offers several varieties of sheets for commercial and household roofing needs. Some qualities that make these sheets a preferred roofing material:

  • Lightweight than glass or other material
  • Long-lasting service
  • Flexible
  • Non-toxic
  • Good tolerance to blotch
  • Ultraviolet Rays resistance
  • Unbreakable in normal conditions
  • Incredibly  easy installation process
  • Aesthetic value
  • Available in attractive colors, patterns and textures
  • Customizable
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial establishments

Modern architects prefer lightweight and cost-effective building material. Also, there look for durable and stylish things that give a distinguished appearance to the building. Hence, polycarbonate sheets become an ideal substitute for old-fashioned metallic or asbestos sheets. They also effectively replace glass that is a costly and delicate material. Maintenance or replacement is very easy. It can be accomplished without a need for skilled workforce.  All these positive factors make it the number one choice for roofing needs.


Splendid Shera Wood Planks for Construction Requirements

Shera wood planks are a blend of naturally found fibers and high quality silicate. It has been utilized in numerous building structures because of its sturdiness, stability of components and litheness. It is decontaminated wood grain used as enormously for roofing, sliding, ceiling and flooring as its features include being fire-retardant, anti pests, damp resistant and low shrinkage.


It is effortlessly installed and simple to deal with. As compared to wood decor, Shera wood planks have become more reliant option for building constructions due to its attributes and suitable range of green products. A substitute to wood, these can be fixed without a glitch on steels and timber. It is invulnerable to water damages and is weather protected. It is extremely used as sound insulation and is not fragile. It is not made with asbestos fiber which makes it environmental friendly. It has been cautiously produced with non toxic emission materials. These reduce production energy consumption and waste.

The shera plank application is employed as gate cover, wall dressing, front elevation and front wall. The types of designs available are teak, straight grain and cassia. It meets with wall designing solutions for modern as well as traditional styles as it has been crafted to comply with any approach. The features are very user-friendly and save time and money for installations. Keeping in mind consumer requirements, ridged and overlapping varieties are available that provides with improved quality of style and design for home decors and interior and exterior walls. All have intricate and brilliant finishes.

It has high quality of workability. Thus Shera wood planks happen to be appropriate choice for houses that are in constant danger of water damages and termite activities. Easy installation aid for DIY (do it yourself). Availability in a number of sizes and textures improves customization.

Epoxy flooring, the new-age stylish way of adding glory to the premises

Epoxy flooring is the modern and stylish way of adding a great value to the premises. It not only renovates the appearance, but adds a new life to the floor.  Jaichitra is a renowned name in the field of epoxy flooring in Chennai with a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles. Due to long life and tenacity, it is the preferred choice today.


  • Perfect finish and seamless surface: It makes the surface incredibly smooth ad seamless. It is easy to clean and wipe. Hence, it is perfect for food industries, hotels, and restaurants. It looks quite attractive and gives the premises a stylish appearance.  There are innumerable patterns, colors and décor are available in the market. One can pick up the best fit one. It is possible to create patterns using different shades of flooring.
  • High resistance to chemicals and anti-skid properties: Epoxy flooring is ideal for industries, warehouses, and manufacturing plant because it is greatly resistant to chemicals. Even if it has a glossy finish, you get good skid resistance.
  • Stylish look: People in Chennai are typically crazy for trendy and mod floorings. Jaichitra satisfies their needs with a mind-boggling collection of epoxy flooring in Chennai.
  • epoxy flooring

Avoid these mistakes and achieve great results

Epoxy flooring is an easy to install, but a stylish alternative for household and industrial environment. However, there are some cases when people go for epoxy flooring but it comes out a nightmare. Experts say that it happens because people go for it without preparation. A few probable reasons for the fiasco are as follows.

  • Epoxy flooring needs a thorough preparation before installation. The surface should be perfectly plain and smooth. Even if the ups and downs are minor and negligible, you won’t get satisfactory results. Make the surface clean using a short blast or grind. It is equally important to clean the surface thoroughly after making it plane. Dust and dirt should be removed before flooring.
  • Humidity results in improper adhesion. Epoxy coating doesn’t bond with the surface if the surface is not fully dry. Make sure there are no taps dipping or no leakage in the water pipes. In case of water seepage from the ground, waterproofing should be done before Epoxy flooring.
  • When the substrate is weaker than adhesive, the layer of Epoxy gets detached after some time. Tensile strength and adhesion of the substrate should be compatible with Epoxy. For example, wood is not an appropriate substance because their rate of expansion is different which causes cracking.
  • Do not forget to apply a high-quality primer on the floor.
  • There is a great contamination on old floors, factories, hotels and, restaurants, etc. Don’t expect great results if the contamination is not removed properly.
  • Sometimes, mismatched resin and hardeners cause disappointing results. It is important that they are thoroughly mixed before application.

Call Jaichitra today if you want a makeover of the flooring. You will get the perfect advice and top-quality epoxy flooring in Chennai.