Splendid Shera Wood Planks for Construction Requirements

Shera wood planks are a blend of naturally found fibers and high quality silicate. It has been utilized in numerous building structures because of its sturdiness, stability of components and litheness. It is decontaminated wood grain used as enormously for roofing, sliding, ceiling and flooring as its features include being fire-retardant, anti pests, damp resistant and low shrinkage.


It is effortlessly installed and simple to deal with. As compared to wood decor, Shera wood planks have become more reliant option for building constructions due to its attributes and suitable range of green products. A substitute to wood, these can be fixed without a glitch on steels and timber. It is invulnerable to water damages and is weather protected. It is extremely used as sound insulation and is not fragile. It is not made with asbestos fiber which makes it environmental friendly. It has been cautiously produced with non toxic emission materials. These reduce production energy consumption and waste.

The shera plank application is employed as gate cover, wall dressing, front elevation and front wall. The types of designs available are teak, straight grain and cassia. It meets with wall designing solutions for modern as well as traditional styles as it has been crafted to comply with any approach. The features are very user-friendly and save time and money for installations. Keeping in mind consumer requirements, ridged and overlapping varieties are available that provides with improved quality of style and design for home decors and interior and exterior walls. All have intricate and brilliant finishes.

It has high quality of workability. Thus Shera wood planks happen to be appropriate choice for houses that are in constant danger of water damages and termite activities. Easy installation aid for DIY (do it yourself). Availability in a number of sizes and textures improves customization.

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